Alone in her dressing room before the mirror, is Andrea Carneiro. The brightness is low, almost half-light. Look in the mirror without any worry.

Everything is ready for the show: makeup; light; costumes; scenario; heating of the voice; passage of sound. The interpreter waits for the moment of his entrance on stage.

Andreia is relaxed, serene, silent. The mirror, which showed little earlier because of weak ambient light begins to fill with colors that fiery and chaotic, move deliriously. She smiles. The mirror becomes a three-dimensional screen and from there some important moments of your life parade, there before his eyes, like faded memories that are gaining vital strength and filling the silence and the darkness of the dressing room.

The images that form come from a distant past. She needs a fraction of time to identify the scene and force the memory to identify herself as a girl walking among other children dressed in school clothes.

College is the North Wing, the CAN. There she spent her adolescence. The year is 1970 The skinny girl expressive and alive, alert to all eyes are attracted by the music coming from inside a bus parked in the schoolyard. She had never heard anything like it. Home heard a lot of music beyond the radio played the record player from their parents.

The sound, however, was a novelty that mesmerized and enchanted. Everyone sang the same song. She knew the music, but the voices were different from each other. The sum of these different voices was the most beautiful sound ever heard by her. The girl draws ever closer, until very near the bus door. Begins to sing softly, fearing mess. Gradually increases the volume of his voice, just a little, by timidity and respect.

A man approaches her and says:

– I’m Mathias Nelson, professor of music school. You are in my classes?

– No sir, I practice sports.

– I like your voice. Appear in the test tomorrow there in the music room.

A year later Andreia was already in the suit of altos Coral SESI Brasilia where the Maestro Mathias Nelson combined the functions of conductor and arranger.

Ah! If the youth that breeze sings, stay here with me a little longer.

While everything in the dressing room remained unchanged, still, the memories of Andreia became increasingly vivid. She was what she saw in that mirror. Aromas, breeze, sounds, sensations, melodies, harmonies, poetry, physical contacts, emotions, everything had a unique and concrete composition. There was no imagination but contemplation.

“If everyone were like you …”

It was under the guidance of Nelson Mathias and Celia Britain, vocal coach, that Andreia had the design of the base of his artistic training. Learned the value of discipline; attendance; musical perception; vocal technique; the presence and attitude on stage. Experienced the commitment to other artists; the sing along and listen to the group. Assimilated what was to have fearlessness, with sympathy, facing innumerable types of audiences. All seized at the cost of countless hours of testing and more testing to later enjoy the fruits harvested in many national and international festivals including the Coral SESI participated in several Brazilian capitals. How grateful to the teachers and colleagues who shared the trials, the dressing rooms, travel and stage with her.

“It’s so late, the morning comes. Sleep all night too, only I watch for you darling.”

Moments of his life, even the most important, came and went in flashes of lightning speed as if those events were not relevant. Only the world of art formed images that were independent of the time to be revived, tasted.

“And the time gnaws jealous of me, watch me wanting to learn how I die of love to try to revive.”

In the vortex of colors and inexplicable movements that mirror, so the reality of a theater scene in 1992 in the show “Our Vinicius Our Voices” presented by the Vocal Group Our Voices which had been founded in 1988 by the choristers coming Coral SESI, among these, Andrea Carneiro.

In those first four years of existence the “Our Voices” sought ways to combine choral singing with the performing less formal presentations while retaining fidelity to the condition of being a group of Our Voices choir. Not an easy task to accomplish. Andreia and other group devised, then a show on stage to show exactly this difficulty. An actor playing the writer in the play the narrator, conceived their ideas and revealed to the public. Ideas fully accepted by the cast, the choristers, received such an approval in the form of applause. Sometimes revealed by the narrator opened the controversy entres actors-singers until they reached a consensus. While some ideas were negated by all the boos were liquid and certain. Ideas accepted by the group’s repertoire came the “Our Voices” sung a cappella or accompanied by piano composing the scenario.

A few minutes after the opening part the public perceived by choreography and direction by brands, everything was happening in the head of a character in full creative process. Even now, several years passed in the real world, Andreia felt gratified by the interaction between the audience and the performance. No, it was not just gratification. It was something very close to what the devotee experiences when he intuits that reached the target of his devotion. The gods of the theater had won one more devout.

“Who comes out from inside you will not die without loving anyone.”

When an interpersonal relationship ending, usually people involved in it are the least likely to know the specific reasons for the separation. Normally, those who did not participate in the intimacy of this relationship is that it presents a complete and unfounded, the list of possible reasons. So it is in marriages, friendships and artistic groups.

Andreia left Our Voices Vocal Group in 1994 Even though she reopened curtains, furniture scoured, returned in time recalling dreams, and her group, trying to find a reason for the separation would be in vain. How would the Ivor Lancellotti.

“Longing torrent of passion. Different emotion that destroys the lives of people. A pain that I do not know where it comes from.”

The restlessness of an artist is a blessing or a curse will be? And when many artists are in the same distress to define what to do with their art and talents, their voices? What, though unique, is more difficult path to tread new paths to quiet down their hearts and do, again, their voices sing. They did several of the choristers of SESI and Our Voices. Born the Coral Brasilia. The year is 1995.

Andreia magically sees his memories take shape in that dressing room mirror. His eyes moisten his lips smiling, his heart overflowing with pride and joy to have been part of the formation of this Coral that still enchants audiences the world. Year after year the group chooses the repertoire that will present the stages in Latin America and Europe. For each project a conductor. Every season a new challenge. Presentations to earn many awards and Coral allow choristers know much of the world. How many European audiences were surprised, yet not surprised, with the living and warm with the Coral Brasilia presented and still presents form.

Andreia is ecstatic with the images you see and the music that assail without questioning how there can be reflected in the mirror. What matter the origin of this one if it comes to us as a blessing?

Life takes its own course in spite of our plans. Surrendering to the current of the river of life, follow your intuition, not afraid of challenges are part of the characteristics of those who climb on a stage. Art without risk is not art, it’s bureaucracy. Should speak about intuition: this entity can not be touched, only tangent; intuition is that fragment of time that comes in and then you lose, escapes us, but leaves us fertilized, pregnant with possibilities for new stages of life.

In 1998, already residing in Rio de Janeiro, Andreia prepares for a solo career. Does the course of professional extension in Vila Lobos School of Music where deconditions the technique of choral singing, where your voice should join, coalesce the other altos. Now she seeks freedom and the risk of soil. A voice that can only rely on the guitar. Andreia sought the intimacy of voice and guitar with its risks. Sought to present themselves on the trapeze without a safety net to the other voices provide the suit. It’s another artistic life. Another start. Another float in the currents of life. Always.

But something was still missing. The need to read and write with more aplomb musical scores. After all, to dialogue with the musicians was necessary to speak a common language: to the scores. Thus enters the UNIRIO and forms in musical theory and practice. After these preparatory steps comes the moment of proof of graduation. The solution is the first appearance as a soloist. The most familiar and reliable place would naturally Brasilia. And it is in Room spectacles ANATEL making her first show in the new career. But Brasilia was his house full of friends and incentives. Andreia is needed for proof. What’s the best choice? A place without laços.O chosen country was Germany where it was first supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was 2001 and today Andreia thanks the encouragement received. After this debutação two other presentations took place. But lacked Brazil.

Brazil is so full of talent that deserves additional preparation. Thus, Andreia search formation actress. In principle, their intention was not to live characters on stage. What she wanted was to strengthen his technique to interpret. Find within each lyric a subtext which could reveal the poetry of the songs to music. In 2006 starts the training course for professional actors in the Casa de Cultura Eduardo Cabus, where he graduated a year later.

Andreia is more luggage profissional.E now, where to go? What direction to take? Best is to wait for life to choose what to do next.

“Drop this pier go without direction. Follow the winds that cry out for me. Weave my webs with my hands. Sugar the bowels of that ground my end.”

The image formed in the mirror of the dressing room is panoramic, wide, because the images shot with the lens on top of a crane. The road is winding and surrounded by the forest. A white car goes from Rio de Janeiro to Lumiar, in the hills of Freiburg. It’s a winter afternoon with clear skies and immaculate as the bed of the intending spouses. And this bed is that a marriage is consummated. Amid the discussions about the beauty of Latin American music, the CD player plays Lúcio Alves. Everything stops when the idol sings. The CD On Stage. The last work of the magnificent Lúcio Alves.

Andreia and her companion, who later wrote the Spectacle While Life Passes – A Tribute to Lucio Alves, are gripped by an uncontrollable desire to bring the talent and soul of Lucius to the stage.

Eduardo Cabus, whom we will be forever grateful, released and directed the first staging of this show, which at the time was titled “Lúcio Alves – The Pass While life.” After that, two others performances were held, the last of which the Municipal Theatre Café Small Leblon in 2010.

“For me, just one day. Not more than a day. A half day.”

Between the second and the third staging of the show in homage to Lucio Alves presents a new work. Construction of CD confidences in which nine new songs and three consecrated Noel Rosa are presented. Presented in this site.

Mirror images cease. Him only the reflected image of Andreia which again revises its look before going on stage for the presentation of the Show confidences. Although the mirror reflects only its own image, Andreia hears voices in the dressing room. When you turn your back to the mirror and looks into the dressing room Andreia sees all who participated in creating CD confidences. They’re all there, all around you. Dimensional in their presence, but physically absent. His eyes come from, your heart feels them, your ears hear them. The time it shuffles, loses linearity and presents sometimes fast, sometimes late. The house producer Carino, where Andrea was presented to the authors of music and arranger Cristóvão Bastos, blends with the environment of the studio where the CD was recorded. The Guinga reappears in his joy of the boy after recording “Last Wish”, laughing and joking when he recorded the voice guide.

Maurício Maestro, serious, competent, remains for countless hours doing five voices “Paper Angel”, recorded seem that after a male choir. What a beauty. How much longing.

The laughs during recordings with jokes Carino and producer Fabio Motta breed in mind Andreia and she puts her hand in her mouth dreading having laughed with their lembranças.Tudo is now. Only there is always.

A voice from outside the dressing room Andreia brings back to the present moment “. Andreia, musicians are in their places The introduction of the first song will be played in two minutes Good show.”. “Shit”.

“As life goes, I spend my life thinking about you.”

These are the images of the past and present. The future will mirror graduating from the eyes of Andreia “While Life Passes”, like say the idol and inspiring as ever, the master Lucio Alves.